What is the Ross School of Business?

Few high schools in Ontario are able to offer the wide

variety of Ministry developed business courses for grade

9-12 students as we do.  We offer programs in General

and International Business Studies, Accounting,

Marketing, Law, Entrepreneurship, Human Resources

and Economics. Our goal is to bring financial literacy to

the youth of today so they can follow a pathway to success

tomorrow! Check out our course Pathways.

Where is the Ross School of Business?
The RSB is a business school within a secondary school
located in Guelph, Ontario on the Campus of

What Do Your Grads Say?

Here is a list of testimonials from our most
important people - our students. Grad Testimonials

What is the RSB Certificate? 

Be recognized by one of the top Secondary
Business Programs in he province. Learn how by
clicking the RSB Certificate Information Sheet.

When can I apply?

You can apply as soon as you are enrolled in your
6th RSB class to receive a letter of reference for
post-secondary and scholarship applications.
Successful applicants will receive your certificate at
June commencement and receive distinct recognition
in the Commencement Programme.
Here you can download your

Who are your top Students? 
Names of current Commencement Award Winners, 
Certificate Recipients and all of our Scholarship, 
Pathway Award winners since 1957 are found here

What do we expect of our students?

Still reading... that's great! Find out information here
on Attendance, Due Dates, Participation among
others here - RSB Policy Document