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The Ross School of Business is located in Guelph, Ontario on the Campus of John F. Ross C.V.I. The R.S.B. offers programs in General and International Business Studies, Accounting, Marketing, Law (both Domestic and International), Entrepreneurship, Human Resources and Economics.
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  1. "I'd like to reiterate what has clearly already been said on this page; “Taking business courses at Ross is a great help when you get to University.” Specifically accounting where you're not just learning, you're learning a skill...Business [is also] about becoming a “well-rounded person.” This loosely translates to: Grades, Leadership, Volunteer, Employment

    The best advice anyone will give you is to go to university for a subject you enjoy studying. It makes all the difference when you study what you're interested in.

    If you have any questions about the business program at Huron/Western/Ivey or otherwise, "

    Kaitlyn Ritchie
    Western - Commercial Aviation Management 2012
    Residence Life Staff 2010/2011
    Student Council - 3rd Year Representative

  2. " Having just finished my second year at Wilfrid Laurier University in the Bachelor of Business Administration program with Co-op option, I can say that the business courses I took while at Ross have helped me with each of the required courses for my program at WLU. Because of the knowledge I gained from taking the Grade 11 and 12 Accounting courses (BAF and IDC) and Grade 12 Economics course ( CIA) I had a significant advantage over the other students in my program who had not taken these courses in high school. First year being as tough it is, I am extremely glad I had the opportunity to expose myself to this material before seeing it at a university level. The RSB does an excellent job of preparing high school students for their years to come at post-secondary institutions."

    Eileen Devlin - 2nd Year WLU -BBA program

  3. "I just wanted to make a brief post on the RSB Alumni Wall explaining how much the business courses I took at Ross helped me throughout my studies at University of Waterloo/Wilfrid Laurier University. Some of the business courses I took in my senior year at Ross were CIA 4U(Grade 12 Economics) and IDC 4U(Grade 12 Accounting). In all honesty, by taking these courses it made some of my first year courses(Economics(Micro and Macro), Accounting, Business, etc.) at Waterloo/Laurier very smooth. Many topics I learned in Economics at Ross were now practically review for me in my first year and enabled me to grasp a firm understanding of the subject. Because of this I earned excellent grades and having that background of taking Economics in high school just made all the work that much easier. Furthermore, it wasn't just the courses I took at RSB; yet it was the teachers who taught them at Ross. They gave students challenges to learn on their own and make them prepared for the big step up to University, which is extremely necessary in my opinion. All in all, taking these business courses at Ross was a great idea as they undoubtedly made me much prepared for taking Business Courses at the University Level."

    Azim Ismail
    Second Year Student
    Honours Mathematics/Business Administration
    University of Waterloo/Wilfrid Laurier University

  4. "Taking business courses at Ross gave me a big step up on classmates in my first year of university....having the opportunity to take 2 years of accounting in high school where others had none was a huge advantage. I basically knew most of the university course based on learning it at RSB. In addition, the teaching style utilized at RSB is one used throughout all university courses...I have found that the courses I took at RSB have given me a unique outlook on the material I have been engaged with at Queen’s... For any student even considering going forth in business, I couldn’t recommend a better place to start than the classes offered from the RSB."
    -Kevin Dusseldorp
    Technical Officer
    Commerce Executive on OrientationIT & Publications - Commerce Charity Cup 2010
    Queen's School of Business 2011

  5. "...the design of the program for each course at Ross, which included a mixture of tests, presentations and written assignments, was very similar to the business courses I had in the first year of university and as a result I felt that I was fully prepared..."

    -Irkas Qatipi
    First Year Student
    Honors Business Administration
    University of Laurier

  6. "I guess I'd like to tell future business students to look beyond the books and to not be afraid to listen to your impulses. Business links together all things with all people so if you have any other passions then try to incorporate them into your studies. The best and most profitable ideas are not the popular ideas, they're the ideas no one has thought of yet."

    -Brandon Sipes
    First Year Student
    Business Administration Marketing: Cooperative Education
    Conestoga College

  7. Matt McCaig - McMaster First Year Business5 February 2013 at 09:27

    I thank you very much for ... how well prepared I was coming into this 
    just for an example I didn't even take economics in high school, and I came here and the majority of the class was review just based on everything taught in accounting, IDC, and International Business. I had overlap even in my Political Science classes from RSB classes as well. 
    Like I said I thank you very much you have made this transition as smooth as it could possibly be 

  8. Aron Murch - RSB 201226 February 2013 at 08:48

    I'm sitting in a hotel room in Yiwu city, China. I've spent the past week meeting with various manufacturers to scout for products.

    As I've been meeting with people, it's been great having some fore knowledge about Chinese business practices. I actually fall back on the things we covered in international business and accounting class a lot so I wanted it known what a positive impact they have had on me.

  9. Sina Farsi - Degroote School of Business McMaster

    I'm in my first year commerce course when my teacher tells me that both my mid term and final exams will be 100% multiple choice. Bring it on I tell the guy sitting next to me, THANK YOU Mr. Cawsey for preparing us.

  10. My smooth transition from high school to university can be easily accredited to the RSB. Starting in grade 10, the program changed the way I see the world today and how I want to spend the rest of my career. Whether it was basic business principles or number crunching in accounting; the teachers and courses gave me the tools that I needed to succeed in years to come. However, it wasn't just the in class activities that convinced me to stay in the business industry, but the extracurriculars and special guests that were offered. From the CA representatives to the DECA Case Competition in Toronto, from econ lectures at the university to a seating at the local court; every little moment just kept drawing me into the business world.

    Now, I'm finishing up first midterms and everything just feels like review. Microeconomics and Financial Accounting have been just a complete repeat of what I was taught In school (so I highly recommend that Grade 11 and 12 students take these courses). To those who want to become professional businessmen/woman, I would advise you to go and learn how to do a proper case. As part of the LAA Junior Case Team and a survivor of BU111, it's an absolute must have skill that business people need to have.

    Thanks again to all my teachers in the RSB and good luck to those who intend on becoming the world leaders of tomorrow.

    Joshua Cooney
    Wilfrid Laurier University
    Year 1
    Honours Economics and Accounting

  11. I am currently enrolled in the HAFA (Hotel and Food Administration) program at the University of Guelph. This is a Commerce degree and throughout the courses I have taken this semester, I have been able to succeed seamlessly thanks to the RSB. This year, I have taken courses such as micro economics, macro economics, accounting, business management, hotel/lodging management, marketing, etc. I must say that I was able to connect concepts I had learned through courses offered by the RSB to every single one of these courses. Not only are the courses offered by the RSB beneficial for university. The teachers who are teaching these courses also do an excellent job at setting standards for students.

    To any students currently taking courses through the RSB, make sure to take economics and accounting. If these two courses are taken seriously, you should have no problem in the courses when you first come to university. In addition, don't only participate in courses offered by the RSB. Also participate in clubs. DECA is a club that offers some skills that will definitely serve as an asset to you in university. Mr. Cawsey also has many great tactics to helping you prepare for DECA. DECA, with Mr. Cawsey's assistance, will give you a better understanding of professionalism, leadership, and case studies. All of these skills are needed for university courses, clubs, and networking nights.

    Thanks again to all of the teachers in the RSB, your assistance is much appreciated.

    Sahad Kassam
    School of Hospitality & Tourism Management
    University of Guelph
    50 Stone Road E.
    Guelph, Ontario, Canada N1G 2W1

  12. The Ross school of Business, helped in many aspects. Joining accounting and marketing class in Grade 11, gave me an idea of what business and the world of commerce is all about. I developed a brief interest in Accounting, which made me take IDC4U in Grade 12. Being a part of DECA and attending LIBC in grade 11 and 12 helped me become a better business student. Economics, Accounting and Marketing helped me transition into college fairly well. I had a good establishment of the fundamental principles, which made the first year a breeze. Mr. Cawsey gave us Wiley labs which helped us understand the software and till date I have been using Wiley for my accounting class. Mr McDonald's examples of Supply and Demand, made Microeconomics much simpler and understandable. The graphs covered in the course, made it easy to understand the subject. Entrepreneurship with Mr. Hicken was a really vast course and helped me understand how to write a B plan, and how to be an entrepreneur which paid off for Business Strategic Planning pretty well. Marketing with Ms Fuda, was interesting and taught me how to be an avid thinker and a better presenter. Being a founder of an organization as of date, and making good executive decisions is all because of the business courses I took at Ross. It gave me a sense of satisfaction, a vision and leader to grow within. I highly recommend taking accounting, marketing, economics and entrepreneurship courses, as it will pay off in the long run.
    Abhijit Tayal
    3rd year student.
    Business Administration Accounting - Conestoga College

  13. The Ross School of Business really helped in preparing me for the courses required for my university degree. Most notably, the accounting courses at Ross are superb, in the way that in grade eleven, I learned all the necessary information for my recently completed accounting course. It also gave me the chance to help out struggling classmates, and potentially form valuable connections for later on in my career. Taking business courses at Ross really was the best decision of my life, and helped me decide which career path I wanted to pursue.

    Holdyn Bertelsen

    First Year Student

    Honors Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting)

    Carleton University