BBI 10//20

Introduction to Personal Finance and Business 
Grade 9/10

Course Learning Goals:

  • Personal Finance: I can develop my own short- and long-term goals to guide my Financial Planning and Money Management Skill Building.
  • Fundamentals of Business: I can use appropriate business language to describe/evaluate business structures, opportunities and ethics in both local and international settings
  • Functions of Business: I can identify and explain the importance of all the major areas of running a business; ranging from product design and Production through to Sales, Advertising and Financial record keeping.
  • Entrepreneurship: I can view challenges as opportunities and use my own entrepreneurial traits and skills to develop an idea into a business concept.

BBI is the foundation courses for all future business classes. It begins with a one month focus on Personal Finance and Money Management then moves on to cover Accounting, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Human Resources, Law, International Business and Business Fundamentals. Offered in both Grades 9 and 10, it can only be taken once for credit.

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Fall 2018 Semester Resources

Course Outline               
Day 1 Slideshow

Unit 1 - Personal Finance and Money Management

Unit 2 - Business Fundamentals
Unit 3 - Functions of Business

Course Culminating:
Sherway Gardens Trip
Course Culminating Project (Franchise project) includes timeline and rubric
Course Culminating Project (Chocolate Bar) includes timeline and rubric

  • Exam Format - 100 Multiple Choice questions. 
  • Approximately 85 will be drawn from review package (above)
  • There will be a balance sheet and income statement
  • There will also be a reading with questions