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The Ross School of Business is located in Guelph, Ontario on the Campus of John F. Ross C.V.I. The R.S.B. offers programs in General and International Business Studies, Accounting, Marketing, Law (both Domestic and International), Entrepreneurship, Human Resources and Economics.
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BBI 10//20

Introduction to Personal Finance and Business 
Grade 9/10

Course Learning Goals:

  • Personal Finance: I can develop my own short- and long-term goals to guide my Financial Planning and Money Management Skill Building.
  • Fundamentals of Business: I can use appropriate business language to describe/evaluate business structures, opportunities and ethics in both local and international settings
  • Functions of Business: I can identify and explain the importance of all the major areas of running a business; ranging from product design and Production through to Sales, Advertising and Financial record keeping.
  • Entrepreneurship: I can view challenges as opportunities and use my own entrepreneurial traits and skills to develop an idea into a business concept.

BBI is the foundation courses for all future business classes. It begins with a one month focus on Personal Finance and Money Management then moves on to cover Accounting, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Human Resources, Law, International Business and Business Fundamentals. Offered in both Grades 9 and 10, it can only be taken once for credit.

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Fall 2018 Semester Resources

Course Outline               
Day 1 Slideshow

Unit 1 - Personal Finance and Money Management

Unit 2 - Business Fundamentals
Unit 3 - Functions of Business

Course Culminating:
Sherway Gardens Trip
Course Culminating Project (Franchise project) includes timeline and rubric
Course Culminating Project (Chocolate Bar) includes timeline and rubric

  • Exam Format - 100 Multiple Choice questions. 
  • Approximately 85 will be drawn from review package (above)
  • There will be a balance sheet and income statement
  • There will also be a reading with questions