Grade 11 Entrepreneurship: The Venture

BDI introduces the concepts of the Successful Entrepreneur. Idea generation, Business Planning, Funding Sources, Operations, and Marketing are among the concepts covered.  We run a class business with support from Junior Achievement Guelph-Wellington and students will write individual business plans for their own business ideas.

Course Outline
Day 1 Slideshow

Unit 1 - Starting our Business

Greatest Canadian Invention - Video and Worksheet

Course Resources: 

Business Plan Resources: 

Read these two articles:

Real Estate

Business Registration

Business Permits

Restaurant Supply

Culminating Project

Exam Review Materials

  • Exam will feature a combination of Scantron (True/False-Multiple Choice) as well as a Case students will read ahead of time and answer questions on during the exam. 
  • Students will be given the reading on the last day of class and may highlight/make notes on the case and bring it to the exam. 
  • Exam is 1.5 hours long and counts for a 10% weight.

Exam Review Package with Sample questions