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The Ross School of Business is located in Guelph, Ontario on the Campus of John F. Ross C.V.I. The R.S.B. offers programs in General and International Business Studies, Accounting, Marketing, Law (both Domestic and International), Entrepreneurship, Human Resources and Economics.
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Grade 11 Entrepreneurship: The Venture

BDI introduces the concepts of the Successful Entrepreneur. Idea generation, Business Planning, Funding Sources, Operations, and Marketing are among the concepts covered.  We run a class business with support from Junior Achievement Guelph-Wellington and students will write individual business plans for their own business ideas.

Course Outline
Day 1 Slideshow

Unit 1 - Starting our Business

Greatest Canadian Invention - Video and Worksheet

Course Resources: 

Business Plan Resources: 

Read these two articles:

Real Estate

Business Registration

Business Permits

Restaurant Supply

Culminating Project

Exam Review Materials

  • Exam will feature a combination of Scantron (True/False-Multiple Choice) as well as a Case students will read ahead of time and answer questions on during the exam. 
  • Students will be given the reading on the last day of class and may highlight/make notes on the case and bring it to the exam. 
  • Exam is 1.5 hours long and counts for a 10% weight.

Exam Review Package with Sample questions