Grade 12 Business Leadership: Management Fundamentals

Complete Course Outline

This course focuses on the development of leadership skills used in managing a successful business.

This is also the Student's Council Course - Students will work in teams to organize and run school events. Leadership Roles, decision making, management of group dynamics, workplace stress and conflict, motivation, planning and effective business communication are all covered in this class.

Things SC Treasurers and 
Mr. Hicken actually care about:

  • Talk to Mr. Hicken/ Mrs. Muller and/or Ms. Hobbs at least 2 day before you need your cashbox.

  • Don't leave the cash box unattended.
  • Do a count ASAP after your event, if you want to know how much you made.
  • Count numbers NOT value. Our software will total dollar value for you/us. We care how many twenties you have, for example, not that you have $540.
  • Make full rolls only when rolling coins. Part rolls get broken up at deposit anyways, so just put loose coin in a baggie or envelope.
  • Tell Mr. Hicken via e-mail or spoken words when you have a deposit that needs to be made or a cheque to be cut. Fill out a SC Reimbursement Form and get it signed.

Break even Analysis and Counterfeit detection tools:
Bank of Canada Video resources:

Break Even Tools:

Harvard Business Break-even Calculator

  1. Click on Tools
  2. Enter the Price you expect to charge people for you event under "Revenue Per-Unit"
  3. Enter the Total Cost for your event (supplies, decorations) under "Total Fixed Cost"
  4. You likely will not have any Variable Costs.
The calculator will then produce a graph and written explanation of your Break-even point. You can also see how much potential profit you will make at various sales levels.  For example, a Dance with $500 total cost and $10 ticket prices breaks even when 50 people attend and makes a profit of 250 dollars when 750 students go.

Go back into the calculator and experiment with different selling prices to see how much faster or slower you break even at various price points. While you want to charge the lowest price possible, a $1 increase in price can have a big effect on break even and generate more revenue for the school/your charity.

Event Planning and Recording Tools

SC Expense Claim Form

Blank Deposit Worksheet

Break Even Calc Worksheet

Money Checklist